Our universe is full of peculiar facts and mysteries. and the more we try to learn it, the more It get vast. the universe is full of mystery and adventure. so let’s see 20 such amazing facts about the universe will surely shock you.

amazing facts about the universe
  • there is nothing stable in the universe everything is variable. Our Earth is orbiting the Sun. Our lunar is revolving around the Earth, and the Sun is orbiting the galaxy with the entire solar system. And our galaxy is also moving from its place in the universe. The speed of the galaxy is 552 kilometers per second, and at this speed it will remain for the next 5 years from our neighboring galaxy Devyani but will not be
  • Sound needs a medium to travel and there is no atmosphere in space. Because of this, there is a silence in space all the time, so astronauts use radio waves to communicate with each other.
  • scientists have also found a planet in the universe that is made up of diamonds. This house named 55 Cancrie is made of whole wood and it is 3 times larger than the earth.
  •  scientists have found the source of floating water in the universe. This water ie h2o is floating in huge amounts in the universe in the form of steam. This reserve has 140 trillion times more water than all our oceans.
  • If you are amazed by the source of water lying in the universe, then there is a greater wonder in the universe. Giant Cloud is made up of whole ethyl alcohol. That is, there is a stock of that liter of liter liquor. And this ocean of wine is floating in the universe.
  •  The planet Jupiter makes a round in 10 hours. The day of Jupiter is only 10 hours. Earth’s day is much smaller than that of Jupiter, which is many times larger than the Earth because its surface is rotating at a speed of fifty thousand.
  •  astronauts grow to be about 2 inches long while traveling space. Because there is no gravity in space. And because of this, the joints of the reed bone become almost nagged and they become more straight. Therefore, the length of a person of normal height increases by about one and a half to 2 inches.
  • Venus is one day more than 1 year of Venus. This happens because Venus rotates very slowly on her compliment, it takes 3 to 243 days to make a round on its axis, while it revolves around the Sun in just 225 days.
  • Our Sun appears white from space because there is an atmosphere on the Earth and the sunlight passes through the layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, which looks like red saffron or yellow due to the effect of the irradiance. But there is no atmosphere in space, so the sun appears white in its original form.
  • It is impossible to find the total number of stars in the universe. We can never count the stars of the universe. Because in such a big scene universe, many stars are born and many stars end. It is beyond our imagination to guess the stars of the universe, and we will never know the number of stars in the universe.
  • The footprints of our astronauts who visited the number 12 moon will remain for the next 10 years. There is nothing on the moon, wind, rain. There is no atmosphere there either. Therefore, not a single particle of dust on the moon goes from here to there. Metals of microscopic metal moving in space and meteorite particles falling from space are always falling on the moon. Therefore, after 10 billion years, these fine particles will fill the marks of astronauts.
  • There is one such star in the universe, its surface temperature is always 27 degrees Celsius. By the way, the surface of the star remains very hot. The surface temperature of our sun remains around 5778 degrees Celsius. But WISE 1828 is such a star, that its surface temperature is always 27 degrees Celsius.
  •  16 If we imagine the size of the Sun with a football, the size of the Earth will be less than a pea. The Earth is so small in front of our Sun that more than 1000000 Earth should be included in one sun.
  • Number 17. According to the Russian amendment, cockroaches born in space are stronger and faster than cockroaches born on Earth. Why this happened is yet to be found. But according to an amendment made by Russian scientists, the cockroaches were taken into space as an experiment and the cockroaches born in space are much stronger than the earth cockroaches.
  •  Eighteen is a place in our universe where there is a lot of emptiness. By the way, most of the space in the universe is empty. But in the vast universe, some planet, satellite, star, or light is often present at some distance. But this is a place where there is emptiness for 1 light year. And how this sudden emptiness came into existence in the universe is a big mystery for scientists.
  •  Everyone knows about 19 black holes. The Black Hall is a place in the universe that destroys anything that comes under its gravitational circle and eradicates its existence. The gravitational effect of a black hole is so tremendous that it does not allow light to pass through it and a black hole also swallows the entire galaxy. There is also a black hole in the middle of our Galaxy.
  • Number 20, every 15 years, Saturn’s rings are not visible from the earth. Although Saturn’s rings are always visible from the earth with a powerful telescope, there comes a time when Saturn’s rings are not visible from the earth. Such a rare time comes when Saturn Earth and its rings come in a line and we see only Saturn. If his people do not appear, then friends, we have 20 strange facts of proof.

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