Bangalore revolutionised information technology in India, inspired the world that best-seller on globalisation. a city that has evolved from Garden City. the Silicon Valley of the country. let’s take a view of India’s most liveable city . Bengaluru has connectivity to all major modes of transport the rail or Road. if you arrive in Bangalore by flight then you will arrive here at the Kempegowda International Airport. this is located about 40 kilometres lot of the city, to get to the city you can either take the local buses or the local taxis. So, lets start Bangalore city tour : Guide to places must visit, shopping, history,culture 

so banglore city railway station is located at the heart of the city in majestic. it serves as the main railway station for the city. opposite to the city railway station stands Kempegowda bus stand commonly called the majestic bus stand.

You have buses taxis and autos as the best means of city transport to take Bangalore tour. when taking an auto make sure that the meter is being used. if they ask extra money be firm and refuse to board. popular taxi services in Bangalore are uber and Ola which slide frequently as pickup-drops to different parts of Bangalore. some of the areas are also connected via Metro


• Lalbagh Botanical Garden and cubbon parks

Bangalore is known to be the garden city due to its large green patches. largest and oldest ones which act as the lungs of the city are Lalbagh Botanical Garden and cubbon parks. if you’re looking for a combination of history and nature in one sock Lalbagh is where you should head.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

if you're looking for a combination of history and nature in one sock Lalbagh is where you should head.smelly bug is home to a rock formation that has attracted attention from geometries across the globe. the layers of rock earth were discovered to be one of the oldest from planet Earth. it's also India's largest collection of tropical clumps brought in from different parts of the world are taken care of.

Cubbon Park

Carbon Park nearly 300 acres of green. one could spend an entire day at cubbon park. it's all trees colonial architecture and walking trails are forever inviting. if you can, you must catch the music or dance performance every Sunday.

• bannerghatta national park.

explore forests and observe endangered animals in their natural habitat at bannerghatta national park. There are three kinds of safaris for you nature lovers, the best time to visit is between September and January

  1. The lion and tiger safari.
  2. deer’s Safari.  
  3. bear Safari.  

• Wonderla amusement parks & J.P. biodiversity Park

Wonderla amusement parks

if you want an adrenaline rush from some crazy and want the thrill of some amazing water life. Wonder la is definitely the place for you.amusement park is an exciting attraction and has innovated rides like a maverick and also a slice of the beach. at the wave pool one can spend a full day here and remain wanting for more.

Jaynarayan prakash biodiversity Park

Park is one of the biggest parks in North Bengaluru, this sprawling green space has over 20,000 varieties of exotic clumps and over 250 varieties of trees and shrubs. the rock garden is a beautiful spot. the park has a jogging track and pool legs there are great spots to picnics.

• Water Body to Explore

Sankey tank

Located in the middle of residential areas of maleshwaram and Sadashiv nagar is Sankey tank. this Water body was created 135 years ago in 1882 and still stands as an oasis for the urbanized area. the tile track is a paradise for walkers and joggers.

Madiwala lake

Madiwala lake Madiwala lake is maintained by the forest department. It is home to several rare migrate rivers and is also a fun boating destination

Nagawara lake

Nagawara lake is a great place to enjoy boating. and the lumbini gardens here offers water amusement and other exciting rides for kids.

• Museum in Banglore

Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum

in the vicinity of Kevin Park Visvesvaraya antique technological Museum. here you can explore fascinating aspects of signed displayed in a very creative fun and engaging manner. with live demonstrations learning by doing and fun-filled experiments. this museum takes your knowledge of science to a whole new level.

HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum

another delightful museum you should visit especially if you're in aviation enthusiast is the aerospace museum at haL it is a first if its kind in India. don't forget to try the exciting aircraft simulators, they give you the real feel of flying fighter jets and commercial aircraft it's fun and we get a real good understanding of how flying works

• Shoping in Banglore

shop till you drop at the amazing option. in Bangalore tour there is variety of flea markets to uptown luxury malls. Bangalore is an amazing shopping destination to suit all pockets. let’s take a tour around mantra square malls to like the little street shops and market. 

those who think shopping is the best medicine.  let’s explore the right thoughts in the city to get your fix of retail therapy. commercial street has many lanes and alleys to go. exploring in here you will find so the various products from clothing, toys to whole decor. here bargaining is the key to happiness.

the popular Mahatma Gandhi Road is one of the busiest and well-known roads in the city. with restaurants, shops, cafes and office spaces.  visit little malls the Holy Trinity Church and the cavery handy crafts and podiums in its vicinity.

Bangalore tour

Phoenix market

Phoenix market city the largest mall in Bangalore located close to KR Puram. it's a happening mall full of exciting things to discover. the variety of brands are amazing here. Phoenix market city has hosted some of the most famous musicians and singers in process. There are weekend concerts and live gigs

• interesting history of over a thousand years

Bangalore tour

Vidhan sabha

Bangalore has a rich and interesting history of over a thousand years with a fascinating heritage and diverse culture. let's explore some of the landmarks which stand tall and symbolizes Bangalore culture. the grand structure here is Vidhan sabha in the heart of the city. the seat of State Legislature in Karnataka is an iconic and historic landmark of Bangalore.

Bangalore palace

be a part of loyalty at bangalore palace, it's a unique illness with a future and gothic sign of architecture, decorated with elegant wood carvings floral motifs and original paintings by raja ravivarma there are about 35 luxurious rooms with stained glass and mirrors especially imported from England.
Sri Sri Kutir, Art Of Living Centre
Sri Sri art of living centre it is the international headquarters of the Himalayan movement. Which founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar operating across 152 countries in the world. the art of living is popular for this breathing technique called the Sudarshan Kriya meditation yoga and personality development programme. that attracts thousands of visitors every year. located it on 17 kilometers from the bun shankri bus stop on the Kanakpura main ordain Bangalore. The Art of Living Centre also commonly known as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar aashram.

Hope you all lovely people like the guide on Bangalore tour.

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