How much information we have about our body, after all, what are some interesting facts and information related to the human body. The human body is the greatest wonder in the world, nature has made it very closely and with merits, today we will tell you some crazy facts about the human body which will surprise you and make you proud.

Let’s know what are crazy facts about the human body

The length of an adult man’s Intestine can range from 20 feet to 26 feet. Women’s heart beats 4 times more than men. That is, a man beats 72 times in 1 minute and a woman beats 78 times. Man’s skull is made up of 29 different bones. Human hair and nails keep growing even after he dies. Human hair can carry 500 times more weight than its weight. People writing with right hand live more in the balance of people writing with left hand. And finally, of all living beings, man is the only creature who sleeps on his pit.

  • You will be surprised to hear that among crores of animals, only humans and dolphin fish have sex for fun. All other animals have sex to produce children.
  •  You will be surprised to hear that the same cell of skin which forms a woman’s vagina is the same cell in the human’s mouth.
  •  Sperm is the smallest cell in the human body. A man’s semen has between 5 crores to 150 million sperm.
  •  Our lungs work very importantly, you will not believe that our lungs filter about 20 lakh liters of air every day. Apart from this, if the lungs are pulled, then it can cover a part of a tennis court.

Some crazy facts about the Heart & brain

crazy facts about the Heart & brain  in the human body
  • A human’s heart beats about 103680 times in 1 day at the rate of 42 beats per minute. And in its entire life span, that is, by the age of 70, the human heart has beaten about three billion times.
  • The heart and brains of women are smaller than men. The average weight of a woman’s heart is 250 grams and the weight of the brain is 1150 grams. The weight of these two organs of men is 50 to 75 grams more than the organs of women.
  • A healthy human heart beats about a million times per day. According to this beats about three crore times in the whole year. The pumping pressure of the heart is very intense which can make the blood bounce up to 30 feet.
  • There are more than 1 billion nerve cells in our brains. Talking about the nervous system, with a speed of 400 kilometers per hour, it works to deliver instructions to other parts of our body. That is, if our body gets hurt, our body detects at a speed of 400 km in which part of the body is hurt.
  • The human brain uses only 10 to 12 watts of energy, that is, as much as an LED bulb. But its storage capacity is unlimited. And a man stores 10 terabyte data in it almost throughout his life.
  •  The human brain is not completely solid, but 80% of it is water. The human brain cannot feel pain on its own, and every minute more than one hundred thousand chemical reactions occur in the human brain.
  • After the age of 50, the human brain cells start getting destroyed and the brain shrinks and becomes smaller which is why the memory power of the elderly starts to weaken. However, brain cells begin to be destroyed after the age of 25 years. But not so fast.

Crazy facts about Digestive System

Crazy facts about Digestive system in the human body
  • The acid that is made in the stomach is used to digest food. It is hydrochloric acid. It is so fast that it can easily melt the blood. This is why there is no bacterial infection through the stomach quickly.
  •  The hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach, which makes the blood too easily melt, if it does not make our stomach irritate, then its particular region is that it produces more new cells than what is destroyed by the stomach. And about every four-five days, a new layer is prepared in the stomach.
  •  The enzyme found in the human body works to digest food. But do you know that these enzymes start digesting the body only after a person dies. And this is the reason that the body starts smelting just hours after dying.

crazy facts about the external organs in human body

  •  You may not know that our nose is a natural air conditioner. That is, as an ac in the house, which cools the hot air and cools the hot air, and sends it to the lungs. nose does this so that our lungs do not freeze anywhere during the cold days.
  • It is impossible to make a camera beyond human eyes. Because our eyes are 576 megapixels. And can easily identify about 1 million different colors. While no such camera is made in this world, we can recognize different colors.
  •  The speed of the sneeze that comes to us varies from 166 to 300 kilometers per hour. And the special thing about sneeze is that it is impossible to sneeze with eyes open. If you want to try it, your eyes will definitely close.
  •  If we have the strongest organ in our body then it is teeth. The teeth of a human have strength like rocks, but other parts of our body repair themselves, while once the teeth get defective, they are unable to repair themselves. And they continue to get weaker.
  • Perhaps it seems that all the fingernails grow at the same speed, but this does not happen, the thumbs nail grows the most slowly while the middle fingers nail grows the fastest.
  •  The little finger of a man’s hand alone contributes 50% to the power of his entire hand. While lifting 10 KG with one hand, 5 KG lift the little finger alone.

Some additional facts about the human body

  • About 4.5 liters of blood is found in the human body, which runs so fast that it rotates in the entire body every 20 seconds. You may not believe it, but our blood travels about 15 kilometers in our body every day.
  • Our body produces about 25 million new cells per second. More than 200 billion blood cells are made every day, and tell you that about 25 crore cells are found in one drop of blood.
  •  Number Seventy is in the body of a newborn baby, there are more bones than an adult human being, where a child has 300 bones in his body while a busy man has only 206 bones in his body. 300 bones of children join as they become adults, due to which only 206 bones are left in the body of 1 adult man.
  •  A newborn baby can complete breathing and swallowing food and water simultaneously for about 7 months. Because the place where the food and breathing tubes separate is not present in infants for 7 months.

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