Mumbai is a city that never stops. This city has a different beauty. The one who comes remains here. That is why Mumbai is called Mayanagari. Many people come to change their fortunes in the “city of dreams” Mumbai. Many come to see this city. Or many such things. Which people want to see, want to feel. Here I would Like to suggest you places to visit in Mumbai in one day

Many people come to Mumbai to see their superstars, or to travel in the local train, which is a part of Mumbai. If it stops then the whole of Mumbai also stops. So someone wants to come and sit near the sea, which is like a friend to everyone. Whatever is the matter or the person is alone, he comes and sits there. If you taste the bhel puri, Pani Puri, and vada pav of Mumbai Chowpatty, then you can never forget its taste.

1. Gateway of India

On top of our list of places to visit in Mumbai in one day is the Gateway of India. Mumbai and Gateway of India are each other’s identities. The Gateway of India has a height of 85 feet and width is 49 feet. This monument is in front of the Taj Mahal Hotel. people come from far and wide to see the Gateway of India. This is the Gateway of India from where the last British Army went after independence.

Gateway of India places to visit in Mumbai in one day

How and when Gateway of India was built?

Actually it was built to commemorate the visit of British king George and queen mary to India. The king and queen came to India in 1911. This was the same year when the capital of India was changed from Calcutta to Delhi, in his presence. When King George and queen mary went from Delhi to Mumbai, something had to be prepared to welcome them. Gate of India was built to welcome him.

The Gateway of India started at a time when King George and queen mary were in Mumbai, which is why they were able to see only the model. The foundation of Gateway of India was laid by the Governor of Bombay on 31 March 1913. The year after the foundation, the Government of India approved the design of the Gateway of India.

The Gateway of India was built as a gateway to India by sea route. Tell you that ferry service is also available for tourists for visiting the sea. The Gateway of India in Colaba, Mumbai is an architectural marvel. And its height is equal to about 8 storeys, the Gateway of India was constructed keeping both Hindu and Muslim types in mind. 7 December 1926 Gateway of India was inaugurated. There is always a crowd of tourists here. So, when on the Mumbai tour this is a must-visit place out of all tourist places in Mumbai, that can be covered with other places in one day.

How to reach Gateway of India, Mumbai

You are somewhere in Mumbai first of all, you have to come to Chhatrapati Shivji Maharaj Terminos or Churchgate Station from Tran. Which is the nearest railway station to reach this monument. From the railway station, you will get private cabs or local buses to the Gateway of India. Or private cab is also available, which will give you access from one destination to another.

2. Marine drive

The city of dreams, where dreams are not only seen but are also fulfilled, there are many places to visit in Mumbai in one day. One of them and my personal favorite place is Marine Drive. This path is 3 km long from Girgaon Chowpatty to Nariman Point. In December 1915, the British government decided to start the construction of this pathway. At that time, India was ruled by the British.

Photo by Vivek Kumar from Pexels

There is a colorful story hidden behind the name of Marine Drive. There was a British battalion line in that area, it was named Marine Lines, and the parade of the battalion named it Marine Drive. At that time, this route, known by this name as Kannady sea face, came to be known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose after the independence of India. The pathway had to be repaired only after 6 years of completion of this pathway.

The reason for this was that the waves of the sea were coming inside ripping Pathway. 86 years passed after that repair. In 2006, the government had to repair this pathway. The foundation stone can be seen even today in front of the Mafatlal swimming pool, which testifies when the work of this path started and completed.

How and when Marine was drive built?

East India Company officials from England wanted an atmosphere like London in Mumbai. For this reason, the construction of Marine Drive began in December 1915.

they had to build such a strong architecture that could withstand the waves of the sea for years. Soil and stones were brought from places around Mumbai. The construction of this place which further enhanced the beauty of Mumbai was completed in 1920 after 5 years. At that time it was decided to fill in sixteen hundred acres. But only 440 acres were filled. A 4.3-kilometer-long path built in the shape of a reverse C letter.

Once upon a time, Western Railway was visible from this pathway till 1980. But the railway has stopped showing in recent days due to the increasing number and size of buildings. The prices of this place also skyrocket due to the beautiful and scenic view of the Arabian sea and the beauty of the pathway. In December of 2015, this Vastu completed almost 100 years. In these 100 years, Marine Drive has created a different place in the life of Mumbaikar.Haji Ali

How to reach Marine Drive, Mumbai

From any corner of Mumbai, you will have to catch a train from the nearest railway station and come to Churchgate, Marine Lines, or Charni Road station. From here the Marine Drive is within walking distance.

3. Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah is a famous mosque and dargah located in Mumbai city of Maharashtra. This famous dargah is located near the Mahalakshmi temple built on the banks of the Arabian Sea. Mumbai’s haaji Ali  Dargahfamous haaji Ali  Dargah, built in the east in the 19th century between the Arabian Sea, is located 500 yards away from the sea. This is also a worth visiting place out of all tourist places of Mumbai, that you can visit in one day trip of Mumbai.

places to visit in Mumbai in one day Haji Ali Dargah
Image by dat7 from Pixabay

This dargah is the center of faith and belief not only for Muslims and Hindus but also for people of other religions. There is a small footpath to reach the Dargah. Through which the dargah can be reached only when there is no tide in the sea. Otherwise, the road gets submerged. The view of Haji Ali dargah is so entrancing when viewed from far away at night as if the dargah and mosque dome is floating on the waves of the sea.

The Haji Ali Dargah is painted in white and covers an area of ​​about 4500 square meters. It is stunning with an 84 feet tower. The main dargah is situated inside a large entrance. Inside the dargah, the tomb of Saint Haji Ali Shah Bukhari is covered with red and green sheets. There is a beautiful glass carving on the main pillar.

The beauty of Haji Ali’s Dargah

Haji Ali’s Dargah is an integral part of Mumbai’s heritage and the culture of India. Let me tell you a few things about Haji Ali Dargah: Haji Ali’s Dargah is a small island near the Worli coast of Mumbai which was built in 1431 in memory of Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. This dargah holds special religious significance for the Muslim and Hindu communities. It is also an important religious and tourist destination of Mumbai.

There are many pillars in the main room, which are carved with colored glass, and 99 names of Allah are also engraved. There is a group of rocks behind the dargah when the waves of the ocean hit the rocks, it produces an enchanting sound. From here on one side there is the sea stretching far away, and on the other side, there is the sky touching buildings of Mumbai. This beautiful environment attracts people to itself.

How to reach Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai

To reach Haji Ali Dargah, first of all, you have to come by train to Mahalaxmi station, Byculla station or Mumbai central station. From here you will get a taxi or bus to reach the destination.

4. Siddhi Vinayak temple

This famous Ganesh temple is located in Prabhadevi, Mumbai area. It has more recognition in Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai. This temple is almost 200 years old but at present, it has been given a beautiful art form and many facilities have been provided for the devotees.

Residents in and around Mumbai always take advantage of their visit. It is very crowded here on Tuesday, it is believed that all the wishes sought are fulfilled. A large silver mouse is located here in the courtyard. And the devotees say their wishes in its ear. According to the book, if we talk about the land of Siddhivinayak, then Lord Vishnu killed the demon Madhu and installed the idol of Siddhivinayak in a mountainous area.

Which is counted in Ashtavinayak. Siddhivinayak is also a form of the same. In which some features have been confined inside the statue. Like this idol is built quadrilateral. And the idols of ridhisidhi are installed around the shoulders of Ganesha idol. The number of the statue of mice is also high. Because many devotees have offered to the temple. and also there a mouse that is very big and made of full silver.

A place of peace of mind of devotees

Earlier this temple was small, this temple has been expanded into a huge grand 5 storey temple. The artistry of the temple is worth seeing. The original womb of the temple has not been touched at the time of expansion. And his purity has been taken care of. The temple has three gates. From where the travelers keep coming for darshan.

There is a big hall in front of the idol in which devotees sit and worship. Special arrangements have been made to break Prasad’s coconut. There are shops around the main temple that sell things related to the worship material, idols etc. There are shops of Prasad etc. Devotees walk barefoot to attend the morning temple aarti. Don’t forget to add this in the list of places of Mumbai visit, which can be covered in one day.

How to reach Siddhi Vinayak temple, Mumbai

Wherever you are in Mumbai, you have to first come to Dadar station. You will have to come to Prabhadevi from Dadar station, for that you will get both private and public transport. Siddhi Vinayak temple is on a 15-minute walking distance. Mostly people prefer to go on foot from Dadar station.

5. Mount mary church

As you enter, you will see the statue of Mother Mary, the statue of Jesus Christ. The city of Mumbai in Maharashtra has several tourist spots, one of which is Mount Mary Church. Mount Mary Church is located in Bandra, Mumbai city. This church is one of the typical and grand churches of Mumbai city. This church is dedicated to the virgin Mary.

Mount mary church places to visit in Mumbai in one day

The magnificent view here is worth seeing inside the church. It is made with great beauty and grandeur. There is a statue of Mother Mary in front and here on the walls there are many pictures of Mother Mary, of Jesus Christ, in which Mother Mary’s whole life is shown. And on these walls also, the facts related to Mother Mary’s life are shown in the picture.

Mount Mary’s Church was built in 1640 and then rebuilt in 1761. It is of a Roman Catholic besalica. Mother Mary’s birthday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the 8th in September. And this fair is organized here. This festival lasts for 1 week. And during this time the surrounding place is decorated.

The statue of Mother Mary brought priests from Portugal in the sixteenth century. It is situated 40 meters above the Arabian Sea. If you look at the church, you find it very beautiful like a European church. This church was built with great grandeur.

How to reach Mount mary church, Mumbai

You can take any public transport to reach Mount Mary Church. Like a bus or taxi. Bandra is the nearest railway station.

All these tourist places in Mumbai mentioned above, you can visit in one day.

Thank you.

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