Yamraj Temple

It is The temple of Yamraj where everyone has to go after death, whether it is a believer or an atheist. This temple is situated on the land of India. Which is located at a place called Bharmour in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, located at a distance of about 500 km from the national capital Delhi. There are some popular beliefs about this temple, we will know. Today let’s take you to Chourasi temples of Himachal Pradesh, Bharmour Dev Bhoomi.

The temple of Yamraj chamba

If you come to any corner in Himachal, then you should definitely visit this famous temple of Yamraj. There are such stories about that temple which are very surprised to hear. I will tell you about this temple today. If you did not go while you are alive, then after death you will definitely have to go here. After the death in this temple, it is decided whether you will go to heaven or hell. There is a belief of 84 temples located in Bharmour, that this is the only temple of the God of Death (yamaraj temple) in the world.

The journey after death begins here

It is believed in this temple that if a person has not come alive, then after death his soul has to come here. After coming here, he is sent to heaven or hell on the basis of his sin and virtue. And it is believed that the soul coming to this temple has to come to Chitragupta before coming to Dharmaraj Ji. It is the only temple in the world located in Himachal Pradesh Bharmour. People are afraid to come here. There is a temple of Chitragupta. He is located opposite the temple of Dharmaraj Ji. Where the opposite feet of the soul are shown.

Now let’s go to Dhai(2.5) podi

According to Hindu Mythology, in two and a half podi, the first pod is considered to be heaven. The second generation is considered as hell. And the third half is podi when someone dies due to an accident at their half age. So his soul resides here until his age is complete. After that his soul is liberated from here.

Manimahesh temple belonging to Lord Shiva next to The temple of Yamraj.

Manimahesh temple

which is architecturally rich and a sample of grand architectural art. And it is said to be more than 1400 years old, which is dedicated to Shiva. Lord Shiva came here with his 24 yogis. It was the residence of Goddess Bharamani of Bharmour i.e. Reva. And the entry of men was forbidden here. And the name here is Bharmour only after the name of Bharamani Mata Ji. Seeing the atmosphere and peace here, Lord Shiva expressed his desire to stay here. But the Mata refused him. Then Lord Shiva pleaded. And after that, Mataji left this place and went 5 kilometers above.

Also, Located in the Chaurasi temple complex is the temple of Narasimhaji, which is a grand and unique piece of architecture. Which is a specimen of very vast workmanship of architecture.

Here you will find many temples. And during the Mani Mahesh Yatra, there is a very festive atmosphere here. Here all those who want to visit Manimahesh, they all visit here and depart from here after wishing for a good journey.
And in this complex there is also an Ashtadhatu idol of Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva. People also do circumambulation there. And Vish says in Nandi’s ear. When people tell with their true heart, their wishes are told to be fulfilled.

How to reach The temple of Yamraj.

it is located at a distance of 500 km from Delhi. Pathankot from Delhi, and Chamba from Pathankot. It is 65 kilometers from Chamba. HRTC buses and private buses and private taxis or bikes can come here. A good road remains, but the road is a bit rough. There is nothing to worry. And here in the temple premises you will see very much the various temples of Gods and Goddesses. Whose number is 84. Due to which it is called Chaurasi Temple. And from here you should not forget to visit bharmani mata. It is 6 km from here on the hill. And the atmosphere there is so cold that you will definitely want to go there again and again. And the temple built between cedar tree and greenness will attract you very much.

Following are some main attraction of Chaurasi Temple Bharmour

Ganesha Temple
Lakshana Devi (Lakhna Devi) Temple
Swami Kartik (Kelang) Temple
Manimahesh temple belonging to Lord Shiva
Maa Chamunda Temple
Hanuman Temple
Maa Sheetla Temple
Dharameshwar Mahadev temple which belongs to Lord Dharamraj only one in the whole world
Nandi temple
Jai Krishan Giriji temple
Nar Singh temple
Ard Ganga -holy Pond which is used for a holy bath on the occasion of Janamashtami.
Rameshwar Mahadev, Moniling Mahadev, Suryaling Mahadev, Gyarahrudhra Mahadev

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