The majority of people in India use Android phones. The mobile phone is such a thing which is available in the market with new features over time. When we buy a new mobile phone, then we want our phone to perform well, last longer. In that affair, we inadvertently do some such things which are harmful to mobile. So, I am going to tell you some such Things you should avoid on an android mobile

Android applications

As soon as we buy a new mobile, first of all, we start downloading different types of applications. So many times some of us search on Google and download paid apps from unknown sources for free. But you do not know how harmful it can be for you. It may contain some kind of malicious code, or it can be some kind of tracker. With which your mobile data can be stolen or your activities can be trucked. So why do we have to follow such things. Go to the play store and download it from there. You get a collection of more than two million.

Android applications

recent Apps

The most important thing that we always do on your mobile phone is that by repeatedly pressing the recent App button you keep them close. Thinking that our phone is getting faster, the ram is getting cleaned. But it is very harmful. Android is smart in its own way that can manage memory automatically. Can free up memory for new apps. If you kill any app and start it again, then the whole process starts from zero, whose load comes on the processor and the battery. Which is harmful to mobile. It is good to avoid it on an android mobile.

battery saver

While buying a new mobile phone, we give the most importance to battery performance. We download battery saver so that our phone batteries keep running throughout the day. But the battery saver also does what you were told not to do. Keeps app running in the background. On the contrary, it damages your battery. The battery saver does some basic work like wifi, Bluetooth off, reducing brightness, you can do that manually too. So why to download battery saver?

battery saver

App permission

Whenever we download an app, during the install, you ask for permission. Such as contacts, camera, location, mic, etc.
For example, as you have downloaded the app such as a food delivery app that delivers food to your home. In such a situation, it asks for the permission of your location. But if there is an app that has nothing to do with the location and asks for permission from you, then it can be harmful to you. So you should stay away from all these things and avoid on an android mobile.


New mobile has been taken, its full tight security has to be done, no virus should come. In this way, we download antivirus apps in various ways. You don’t have to do that either. That also brings load on your processor and battery. If you are downloading the Trusted Source app, or are bringing in other content. There is absolutely no need for antivirus in Android phones.

Fake Appss

You should avoid fake apps. Often you will get to see such an app on the Play Store. that the features which are not on your phone will come, they claim this. Just like there is no face lock feature in your phone but if you download this app, that feature will be enabled. All such features are hardware-dependent, they will come from downloading the app.
This will not cause much harm to you, but many aids will continue to show you. So, avoid any fake app and just install a genuine app.

Cache memory

We always download various types of CCleaner and clean the cache memory of the mobile. Due to which we feel that storage is getting free on mobile but it is very harmful. What is Cache Memory? Like you use an app such as Google Map. So if you do some search there, it gets saved in cache memory. So next time all data is not reloaded. In this case, if you delete the cache, then all the data is reloaded. And all the load comes on the battery and the ram. So stay away from all such apps.

Mobile rooting

Unless you have complete knowledge about routing, everything is clear, what are you doing, only then root the phone.

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