There are many such people, they do not know about the imported secret codes of Android phones, there are some important features, tips, and tricks. And very few people use them. So if you are also Android users you must know all these Useful tips and tricks for android mobile.

How to block outgoing calls?

The first tips and tricks for android mobile I am going to tell you that is very useful. Many times we want whatever outgoing call is in our Android phone, however, whichever one we call, we want it to stop. Our mobile should block it. Without our permission, no one could call anyone on our phone.

Or in our non-attendance, someone from our call log will call someone, we are afraid of this. If you want any outgoing calls in your Android phone to be blocked for as long as you want, and then when you have to call back, you can disable it back. So this is all very easy to do.

You have to go to the mobile dial and there you have to type * # 31 # and press the calling button.

Tips and tricks for android mobile

So as you press the calling button, any outgoing call on your phone will be blocked. After that, if someone calls from your phone, no call will be sent to any number. Whenever you want to deactivate it again,

you have to go to your dial again and you have to type # 31 # on the phone and press the calling button.

Tips and tricks for android mobile

After that, this feature that you had activated will stop. After that, you can call anyone. Basically, because of this feature, your show my caller id becomes disable, and outgoing calls are stopped from your phone. So if you want that any outgoing call is blocked from your phone then you can use this code.

Test mode

Believe me, in these tips and tricks blog this tip is going to be very useful for android mobile. Which is called test mode. With the help of test mode, you can check in your phone that there is no problem with your phone. Whether the display is running correctly or not. Whether the sensor is working or not. Vibration is not working. The speaker is working well. The touch is working well or not.

So if anything is happening on your phone, you want to check that there is no problem with the phone. So here is a secret code with the help of which you can open any test mode on your phone. So here I would like to tell you that this code may not work on your phone. May work on your phone. So all the Samsung devices inside it work here.

So to start the test mode, you just have to dial * # 0 * # and the test mode will open

Tips and tricks for android mobile

after that, you get many options here. There you want to check whatever sensor is in your phone, whether it is working properly or not, you can check it by clicking here. Apart from this, if the touch you have on your phone is running properly or not. This code is basically a problem with your phone or if you want to check anything, you can do it easily here.

Here you can use this secret code if you have bought any kind of second-hand device, then you want to check as soon as possible that the phone’s sensor, camera, speaker, vibration, someone else Whether other features are working So here you can use this code.

How to check SAR Value

The next tip which is its name is SAR Value and very few of you will know about SAR. So the full form of SAR is the specific absorption rate whose basically use goes into radiation. Which is used in mobile. So if the mobile radiation on your phone is more than that, then it can be harmful to you. Here you can enter the secret code in your phone and check in your phone what the SAR value of your phone is.

To check the SAR value, you have to dial there * # 07 #, and the SAR value will be known.

So if your phone has SAR value 1.6 then it is ok. If more than that can be dangerous. Here you have to check that the SAR limit for mobile devices is 1.6 W per kg, it is normal. But if there is more than that, then it can be dangerous her

Google account sync

This trick is very important, which is easily found in Android phones. Its name is Google account sync or say auto-sync. If you will go to your Android phone and click on the account there, then you will click on the Google account there, then you will get an option where you get many options. Such as contact, email, photos, etc. But many people ignore this option. And think that option waste.

But this very important feature has been given by Google, in which you can use google drive, contacts, messages, inside the phone. Or you can send whatever data is on your phone directly. So you will say what is special about this, what is new and what is important. Understand that you have a contact number on your phone and you save it directly to the Gmail account. So here, you click on export and save all the contacts in the mail.

If by chance, your phone is lost or your phone is formatted and all the contact numbers in your phone are deleted by mistake. All the phone numbers are more important, you want your phone number never to be deleted. If you change your phone and you want to use the old number in the new phone, then here you can sync your Google account and use all the contact numbers.

So it is quite easy. First of all, you have to go to the settings of the phone, there you will get the option of accounts. After clicking on it, if you click on Google here, then you will see your Gmail ID here. After that, if you want to stop any option here. If you want to remove auto sync from here or if you want to auto-sync, here you can do all that manually easily.

Avoid useless notification

When you download applications on your smartphone, you keep getting notifications. Notices of useless apps that have no use, keep coming again and again. So in such a situation, you get irritated. And you keep thinking about how to stop its notifications.

So you get settings on the phone. Wherever all the applications are, you can easily stop their useless notifications. After going to the settings, you have to click on the notification, after which you want to stop the notification of the app, just stop it from here.

Developer option

Here comes another useful option in this tips and tricks blog that every Android mobile user should know. Which is called the developer option. Many people know about these. Many people do not know. So if you want to turn on the developer option on your phone, then you have to come to the settings and go to the About and click on Software Info. So there you will get the option of a built number. If you tap on it seven times, the developer option will be activated on your phone too. In this, you get many advanced options.

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